Avebury Stone Circle Tours

Postcard of Avebury Stone Circle

The Avebury Neolithic stone circle is the striking sister of Stonehenge, and just 20 miles north of the World Heritage site. We’ll transport you there in comfort and point out the many interesting sights along the way, as we travel through the beautiful Wiltshire countryside.

The standing stones entirely circle the village of Avebury (the outer circle is an impressive 421m in diameter). Like Stonehenge the ancient site is believed to be situated on ley lines, a mysterious energy grid that owes its power to the earth.

The stones appears to be at the centre of a large scattering of ritual sites and you’ll be able to wander around the barrows (ancient burial mounds), along with the sheep that graze in the fields. You can get really close to the stones, and touch them if you want. Some people even hug the stones to feel the mystic energy. So can you feel the force?

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