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Postcard of Stonehenge

Our chauffeur driven private Stonehenge tours are hugely popular and this will be an extremely memorable day out. Stonehenge is the most famous and mysterious ancient site in the United Kingdom. The giant stones dominate the Wiltshire countryside, and five thousand years after the circle was built, it continues to astound archeologists and the many tourists who come to marvel at the site.


There are many theories about how, and why, the standing stones were arranged in this way. Perhaps it was a ceremonial temple; an astronomical observatory; a burial place created by King Arthur; or part of a larger complex with areas devoted to the dead and the living. Some people think it was built by aliens – and Druids believe it was constructed on the site of converged ley lines (a mysterious energy grid).

We’re not so sure as to the true purpose of the stones, but certainly anything is possible in this mystical part of the world!

Wiltshire crop circle

Our Stonehenge tours often include a trip through the glorious countryside to the historic town of Marlborough, and the famous stone circle of Avebury. If you are lucky you may spot a crop circle, which appear 'as if by magic' in the fields of England's bewitching West Country.

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"We'll show you mysterious Iron Age burial mounds!"
David Stubbs (tour guide)
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"Along the drive to Stonehenge, David provided us with historical and trivial information about the areas we were travelling through. He is extremely knowledgeable, very patient with our questions, and great with the kids too"
Jennifer - Chicago, USA
"David picked us up at our hotel, which was so convenient, and then we toured Stonehenge, Salisbury and Bath. These places are so interesting and beautiful and we could not have seen all three in one day without a private guide"
Debbie & family - Canada
"We have engaged David on our last three trips to Britain and continue to be delighted with his service. 
His van is clean and comfortable; he's always right on time; and we can count on him to plan interesting itineraries for us"
William - Austin, Texas, USA