Tour of Bath

Postcard of Bath

Bath is one of the jewels in England’s crown – a World Heritage city that dates back to the Romans and is a perfect example of an 18th century town. You’ll be charmed by the quaint Georgian streets that are filled with boutiques, cafes and restaurants.
 We’ll show you around the attractions, including the Roman baths with their famous hot springs. You can see the water’s source, and walk around the steaming pool on two thousand year old pavements.

There’s also an excellent thermal spa for unwinding and pampering. We’ll drive you there in style, so that you can go from London sightseeing, to bathing in Bath, all in one day.

We can also pack in a visit to the Royal Crescent, designed by John Wood the Younger, the beautiful Cathedral; Beckford's Tower (a 120ft neoclassical structure that now houses a museum); the elegant Guildhall; and the dazzling Assembly Rooms (the height of fashion, my dear, in Georgian society). There’s also a fashion museum, art gallery… decisions, decisions. All you need to do is choose what you’d like to see, and we’ll make the arrangements.

The Royal Crescent

Royal Crescent

This stunning terrace is a masterpiece of Georgian architecture. There’s the chance to snoop around No 1, which is now open to visitors, so that you can see how grand these houses were inside and out. The Royal Crescent overlooks Royal Victoria Park, which is an excellent spot for a stroll.


This is a fabulous example of Georgian architecture designed by John Wood the Elder. It was inspired by Rome’s Colosseum and is a circular space surrounded by large town houses. When viewed from the air, it resembles a key shape (a Masonic symbol).

Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey

This 15th century abbey is one of the last remaining medieval churches in Britain. Pilgrims have been made welcome at this very special place for hundreds of years. We’ll tell you all about the amazing fan vaulting and spectacular stained glass windows.

Pulteney Bridge

This is one of the most beautiful and romantic bridges in the world – and it’s particularly unusual as it’s got shops built into it too. Enjoy a stroll across the bridge towards the Holburne Museum, Bath’s spectacular art gallery.

Roman Baths

Visit the source of the famous thermal springs, the pool where Romans took to the water, and the pump room. This is a good spot for tea and cake, too.

Jane Austen

Jane Austen, who used to live here, set two of her famous works in Bath (Northanger Abbey and Persuasion). We can show you Miss Austen’s Bath - you’ll see where she lived and where she loved to visit, when the city was in its Georgian prime.

Sally Lunn's Historic Eating House & Museum

This is one of the oldest houses in Bath (c.1483) – and home of the famous 'Sally Lunn' Bun (a tasty semi-sweet bread). You can see excavations showing how the site dates back to the Roman times – plus the original kitchen that 'Sally Lunn' used over 300 years ago.

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