Tours of Silbury Hill

Postcard of Silbury Hill

During our tour of mystical Wiltshire, well show you the imposing Silbury Hill, the largest man made mound in Europe.

The site covers an amazing five acres and soars up to 130 feet. It was built around 2500BC but no-one is quite sure why. Perhaps it was a burial monument to the ancient monarch, King Sil, whos said to rest under the hill, in a suit of gold armour, sitting on a solid gold horse. Alternatively, legend has it that the earth was dumped there by the Devil. Hed wanted to cover the townspeople of Marlborough, but was tricked by a crafty cobbler, who he met en route. The devil asked for directions and the cobbler told him that Marlborough was so far away, that hed worn out all the old shoes that he was carrying. The devil decided to give up, and dropped his giant mound of earth there and then.. thus saving the town! Hooray!

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